The Kiosk

A Kiosk is an elaborate information station normally used for public usage. Our Ballard Kiosk is located in Bergen Place. The project itself came to light a few years ago in the neighborhood planning process. The Kiosk has four panels. There are materials in production now for two panels of the kiosk. Of those panels, one is text regarding Ballard’s potential now and Ballad’s history, accompanied with historical photos. The other is a map with points of interest identified to tantalize tourists and locals of any age.

The two remaining panels are for community postings. Material for posting can be dropped off at Burks Cafe, 5411 Ballard Ave NW, or at the Ballard Neighborhood Service Center, 2305 NW Market St. They should be identified “for kiosk”. — Kay Ogden.


The Unforgettable Seafood Fest 2001

Here’s just another way Arts Ballard contributes to our Community! During Seafood Fest, Arts Ballard and the Ballard Community Center share a booth oriented for the entertainment and education of children with art. The idea is to allow children to create something they could use. In 2001, Jaci with Arts Ballard and Kristen with the Ballard Community Center set out to create garden “sticks” as labels for corn, carrots, pumpkins, and many more. Arts Ballard furnished the stencils and the Ballard Community Center provided painting supplies for children to stencil and paint wooden markers for their garden! It was so much fun and very messy! Not only was it rewarding to see the gleam in children’s eyes, but, Arts Ballard and the Ballard Community Center received attention from the public. We’ll definitely do that again! — Jaci Kajfas

Erkki Halvari maalauksia

Past and Memorable Event Part 2: The Tom Miller Project

The project is a memorial to Tom Miller, long time resident, owner of the former Scandie’s Restaurant, and active member of the Ballard Community. The project will be located in the sidewalk area in front of the Ballard Family Center and will include a significant tree surrounded by decorative concrete sidewalk treatment, cast iron grating, a sitting wall, and a memorial plaque.

The project will be constructed as part of the Metro transit hub improvements at the Market Street/Ballard Avenue intersection. This project is scheduled to be implemented in Spring 2002.


Alden Mason Shared his Experience

Arts Ballard was very excited to present nationally acclaimed artist Alden Mason and his work in October 2002. Alden gave a slide presentation of what he simply calls his life, his work and his travels. His paintings are inspired from both everyday urban life and his time spent with South Pacific tribes in Papua New Guinea. While it retains a whimsical sensitivity, the work also carries a totemic, shamanistic and very serious message.

The event was very well attended, and after Alden’s entertaining presentation, people hung around, enjoying the dessert banquet and each other’s company

Ballard Public Art & Culture walking tour

This Spring ArtsBallard in conjunction with the Seattle Arts Commission (SAC) produced a downloadable walking tour of Ballard’s Public Art and Culture. This map consists of two street maps with numbered and summarized locations. While much is located around the downtown nexus of Ballard Avenue and Market Street, we wanted to include places like the Hiram M Chittenden Locks, Golden Gardens, and the Nordic Heritage Museum. This is why we have two maps; one for Greater Ballard which lists destinations for an extended tour and one for downtown Ballard. The downtown map lists the centrally located points of interest. It includes such locations as the Centennial Bell Tower, the Majestic Bay, the Carnegie Library, as well as a list of other various public sculptures in the downtown area.

Our next step will be to apply for a neigborhood grant to print a full-color hand-out. This will require community effort and interest. To help make this happen contact Calico Cook at [email protected]


A Look Back: Sev Shoon Arts Center 13 Years Ago

Several members were present to enjoy Dionne Haroutunian’s in-depth presentation of her print collection featuring artists from this area, as well as from other parts of the USA, and from France; she showed us over sixty prints – and many of the plates – showcasing mezzotints, monotypes, linoleum and wood carvings, etchings, photoetchings, and photocopy lithographs.


Among those, we saw some rich and layered monoprints – in which the artist had used a variety of print media to achieve powerful and colorful imagery. Afterwards, Mechel Miller and Melinda Yale did a demonstration on softoleum carving, and a dozen participants created their own print. There was a bustle of activity, and though once again, the table was loaded with desserts, for the most part, people’s attention was directed at their artwork!

Past and Memorable Events Part 1: Annual Members Meeting and Celebration

Nationally renown theatre organist Andy Crow of Olympia, who specializes in the accompaniment of classic silent films, performed on piano to the 1925 silent film Phantom of the Opera, starring Lon Chaney, and also presented short films featuring Laurel and Hardy. It was a great evening of entertainment, when we were sent back in time! It had been quite a while since any of us had watched a Laurel and Hardy … smiles and laughter filled the room as easily as the jokes kept coming.

The movies were followed by a short business meeting where new board members were elected. President Dionne Haroutunian spoke of our many 2002 achievements, and of our goals for 2003.


Get to Know Us More

Our mission is to encourage local artists’ participation and promote community involvement in the visual, performing and literary arts in Ballard. We advocate making art a part of every day life in our neighborhood, for the benefit of our own community as well as greater Seattle.


We envision Ballard as a center for the arts where people from the greater region.

Our History
Arts Ballard is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that was formed in 1996 as a way to promote and encourage artistic expression in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. Since Arts Ballard’s inception, Ballard has blossomed into one of Seattle’s fastest growing arts communities. New galleries and boutiques, many along historic Ballard Avenue, showcase artwork and crafts from all over the region.


In the organization’s brief history, Arts Ballard has been instrumental in a number of local projects. From grant writing and stewardship on various public art installations to input on neighborhood planning decisions, its members have helped make art a bigger part of the community. With a handful of committees, Arts Ballard has organized many art-related events and activities, including Arts Feast, a summer arts festival. They also helped expand and promote Ballard’s Second Saturday Art Walks.

Action Plan

Website activity that focuses on Ballard artists, art organizations and facilitates the encouragement of art in Ballard.  An Annual Art event, such as ArtsFEAST or an Annual Spring Concert, that is a collaboration of local artists and art organizations in Ballard.  Continuing and strengthening our participation in Ballard art events, such as the Ballard art walk, Seafood Fest, etc.

Come to participate in the visual, literary, and performing arts. Ballard would be known for its arts advocacy, a place where arts opportunities, education, and facilities are inclusive and accessible to all members of the community.


We value the contribution that artists make in our neighborhood; community participation in arts projects; arts projects that are enriching and thought provoking for those who create the projects as well as those who participate; the uniqueness of the Ballard neighborhood; creating an environment that is alive, hopeful, and inspiring; participation in arts education.

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Youth Speaks & Jana Harris

Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks Seattle is a non-profit literary arts organization dedicated to creating avenues for youthful self-expression through the written and spoken word. By mentoring young poets, facilitating collaborative workshops, and creating supportive public performance opportunities for young writers, Youth Speaks is committed to fostering a poetic cultural exchange among youth that transcends boundaries of age, race, class, culture, and sexual orientation. Youth Speaks…because the next generation can speak for itself!

youth speaks


Jana Harris

A poet, novelist, short story writer, and essayist, Jana Harriss award-winning books include Manhattan as a Second Language, Poems ( Harper & Row) and Oh How Can I Keep On Singing? Voices of Pioneer Women, Poems (Ontario Press, Princeton), both Pulitzer Prize nominees. Oh How Can I Keep On Singing? was a Washington State Governors Writers Award winner, a PEN West Center Award finalist, and has been adapted for educational television as well as for the stage. Her novel Alaska was a Book-of-the-Month Club alternate selection. Born in San Francisco and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she worked for six years as director of Writers in Performance at the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York.


She now lives with her husband in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where they raise horses. Ms. Harris teaches creative writing at the University of Washington where she is editor and founder of Switched-on Gutenberg, one of the first electronic poetry journals of the English-speaking world. Her seventh book of poems, The Dust of Everyday Life, an epic concerning the lives of forgotten Northwest pioneers, (Sasquatch) won the 1998 Andres Berger Award. Her second novel, The Pearl of Ruby City was released from St. Martin’s Press. In 2001she won a Pushcart Prize for poetry. Jana is a member of the National Book Critics Circle, PEN, Poetry Society of America, and AWP.

Recently she has been writer-in-residence at the University of Wyoming, St. Catherine’s College (St. Paul, MN), and Washington State University. Her eighth collection of poetry We Never Speak of It, Idaho-Wyoming Poems, 1889 (Ontario) was published in 2003 and nominated for the Kingsley Tufts Award. She won a Readers Choice Award in poetry from Prairie Schooner in 2004. Books available:



One of our master artists, Scott Galasso is coordinating an educational and entertaining afternoon showcase of poetry and poetry. You can visit him at Mr. Spots Chai House for some POETRY SLAM and Readings by respectively Mr. Victory Lee Schouten and Thomas Hubbard (renowned writer, editor and publisher of Gazoobi Tales. Special guests slam poets, Youth Speaks and Janna Harris—Pulitzer nominee, Puschart and National Book Award winner will also join the event. Schedule will be announced soon in our blog post very soon. So please stay tuned!

BIOGRAPHY: Let’s get to know them better

Victory Lee Schouten

Originally from Central Washington’s Yakima Valley, Victory Lee Schouten has lived on Whidbey Island for the past seventeen years.  She is the President of the Washington Poets Association and co-chair of WPA’s annual Burning Word Festival. Victory is passionately engaged in the service of poetry and community.  Her most recent work, Snapshots from a Moving Life, was published this spring by Walter Shoe Press.

Thomas Hubbard

Thomas Hubbard Retired from teaching at the Tulalip Heritage School on Washington’s Tulalip Reservation in 2001, to spend more time writing, editing, publishing and performing poetry and fiction.  He began writing in the late sixties for underground newspapers.  Writing professionally in the eighties, he freelanced features for Dallas Magazine, Dallas Morning News and various other publications, and he review books fro the Dallas Times Herald.  His more recent work (fiction and poetry) has appeared in Omniscient, Emeralds in the The Ash PoetsWest, Square Lake and others.  He has reviewed poetry books for Raven chronicles and Square Lake.  He authored Nail and other hardworking poems, (year other Dragon Press, 1994), compiled and edited the anthology., Children Remember their Fathers (Gazoobi Tales 2000) and authored Junkyard Dogz, (2002) and he has released a spoken word CD of Junkyard Dogz this year.

Many of the poems in the Children Remember anthology were gathered from slam poets during his appearance at the National Poetry Slam in Ann Arbor, 1995, as Seattle’s Grand Slam winner.  He also designed and published John William Kulm, The Five Stage of Quitting Farming (2002) and Anne sweet, Nailed to the Sky (2003) and published Dave Caseio’s CD of spoken word and music, Wisdom For a Dance in the Street Hubbard is currently finishing two more titles: Children Remember Their Mothers (another anthology of poems) and as yet untitled collection of poems and short fiction.  An Anthology of essays, stories and poetry to be titled Living with Proud Mary is currently in the planning stages and he hopes to begin work this year on an anthology of indegnous writers.

art ballard

Arts Ballard Closure

Dear friends, artists, and Ballard entrepreneurs,

We all know that there were times when we think the whole cycle just end. We may think that it’s the end of our long journey, but most of the time, you just need to go back to refresh and rejuvenate. As they say, looking back to the road you crossed will help you regain everything—the fun memories, failures turning to lessons, and the spark to rebuild yourself.

For newbies, let me just say that Arts Ballad actually started as a neighbourhood culture and arts project. It was the passion that really united this family-like community. Over the last ten years we have accomplished many of our lofty goals and have encouraged community collaborations in the arts and non-profits.  As an active member for the last four and a half years, I’ve seen Arts Ballard struggle with its identity, its membership (Board and General), and its purpose. Despite all this it has managed to initiate the 2nd Saturday Art Walks, serve up four arts fests/’fisks, collaborate with other non-profits, act as fiscal agent for several local art projects, hold educational demonstrations, and do many other grand things.

Many people have placed a lot of energy into Arts Ballard to make it into a community organization; AND I thank them for all their effort and support; however, it takes an abundant amount of volunteer time, funds and energy to continue Arts Ballard.  The remaining Board has examined many options, and has concluded that Arts Ballard has gone fallow beyond rejuvenation.  Our hope is that Ballardites, future artists and organizers will begin with a more grass roots organization continuing to support the arts, non-profits and the like with a more solid foundation in community coalitions.  In the meantime, the second Saturday Art Walks will continue as a lasting tradition in Ballard and links provided under “read more” will hopefully guide you in your endeavors.

Thank you everyone and have a blessed day,

Jaci Kajfas

President, Arts Ballard